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Couple Questionnaire

I use this questionnaire to get to know you a little better and it is only information gathering you will have the ability to view all drafts of the ceremony and change it, add to it, and remove from it. It is up to you.

There are some area's of the ceremony which are legal a requirements and these are noted in the Legal Requirements page for you to view.

So I ask you answer as many of these questions as you can with as much detail as you like. You can do a separate entry for each of you or answer it as a couple whatever your comfortable doing.

Couples Full Names*

Email Address*

How did you first meet?

Date you meet:

Describe the event and how it made you feel:

Was there a moment in your relationship that you knew your partner was the one if yes please describe the moment for me?

What funny stories do you have about your dating time together?

Is there an activity or hobby which you both enjoy doing together?

What does marriage/commitment mean to you?

What does Love mean to you?

What qualities do you most love about your partner?

Do you have a nickname for each other?

Partner 1

Partner 2

What (3) words would best describe your partner?




Choose one from list:




If there is anything else you wish to add that you feel wold help me prepare a personalised ceremony please add here.

Rituals - We are interested in the following:


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