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Why Me?

I give 110% to my clients. I don't take on to many at once so it allows me to dedicate my time to the individual couple and transform

their thoughts and wishes from paper or a dream to a reality.

Its my job to make your dreams of the perfect ceremony a reality!

I have been a celebrant for the past 4 years and have loved every minute of it, helping share in peoples most personnel celebrations has been a highlight of my life, and tough to call it work as I enjoy being apart of it so much.

I trained with a great college with great trainers. I now get to do it on a professional level and I love it. I'm so glad I took the leap of faith to call Sally & Dudley at the celebrants training college to find out when the next course started.

How to choose a celebrant!

You need to think about what type of ceremony you want and ensure you get a celebrant who can work with you to make that happen. With so many good celebrants out and about in the industry you are really spoilt for choice, but making the right choice is important. We all have similar overheads so this will come down to what they provide.  

I have done my research in setting up my little business and I have structured my pricing around the same price point as most good celebrants, and we offer the same package. In this instance I would simply guess it will now come down to whom you wish to work with. I currently have no recorded ceremonies that I have preformed but will have one later this year for prospective couples to view. Its important to see how they work to ensure you are happy with your choice. However happy to meet with you for a no obligation chat to discuss my package and what you are looking for in a ceremony.

I write all my ceremonies from scratch for each couple and they are tailored to you.

Tracy Brigham

Marriage Celebrant & Director of Blissful Celebrations

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