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Cultural Significance

A way that some couples show honor to a culture is by having the celebrant perform an

"acknowledgement to country"

An Acknowledgement to Country is a way of showing awareness of and respect for the traditional Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander owners of the land on which a meeting or event is being held, and recognising the continuing connection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to their Country.

Before doing this I would consult with the local Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community to ensure the names of the area are correct and the pronunciation is correct.

If you wish to include an Acknowledgement to county in your ceremony let me know

Rituals and Ceremonies

Below are a list of the more common rituals available, if you wish to plan something unique or individual, please book a no obligation free meeting and we can discuss your requirements.

Rituals & Ceremonies - Enhance your Celebration in a meaningful way

There are many Rituals and Ceremonies which you can use to honor a departed loved one, to unite a blended family or simply to declare your love for each other. What ever you want to say a ritual is a nice way to present that sentiment. Maybe you would like to adapt one of these to your way or simply create something unique, I can help you work out what you want and how we can achieve it. You will get a full list of rituals and ceremonies in your packet if you decide to book with me, this gives you details on what is involved for them and a little on the back ground of the ritual or ceremony.

Some of the more common ones are:

  • Hand Fasting Ritual

  • Sand Ceremony

  • Candle Ceremony

  • Ring Blessing

  • Disagreement Box / Time capsule

  • Honor the departed

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